Children and Hypnosis

Treating children using hypnotherapy

Can Hypnosis Be Used to Treat Children?

Childhood and adolescence can be a particularly stressful time for a variety of reasons. Starting new schools, academic demands, reconstituted families, bullying, pressures of social media, reduced family support as parents struggle to meet ever increasing work demands and relatives often geographically distant all combine to make a mental and emotional health timebomb for children and young people.

This can manifest in many ways such as eating issues, self-destructive behaviours, sleep disturbance, anger issues, generalised anxiety or depression to name but a few. If your child is displaying any of these behaviours there is something wrong that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Hypnotherapy for children and young people can be particularly effective as they can be much more open to creating the positive future they want for themselves. I work with children from the age of ten upwards. As a parent you must be prepared to sit in their first session and sign the consent forms for them to have therapy, it is important that the child or young person is also consenting in their own right to hypnotherapy as they are the ones who will be seeing me each week.

So, if you live in Stockport and the surrounding area and feel your child would benefit from hypnotherapy to improve their emotional health and wellbeing please get in touch. You can be confident that as I have over 16 years’ experience working across children’s services as both a front-line worker and manager and am able to draw on this wealth of knowledge to provide empathy and understanding and insight into your child’s behaviour.

At Panacea Hypnotherapy I respect each client’s need to be open and honest with me to maximise the effectiveness of the hypnotherapy sessions, therefore all discussions are confidential but I am happy to share a session update with you if your child agrees to it. As with most issues hypnotherapy deals with (if done properly) a normal time frame is between 8-12 sessions on average, but this may vary dependent upon the individual.

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Client Video Review

Client Written Reviews

I Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy.......

Excellent in depth explanation of what my mind was doing when I was trying to quit smoking, this and the hypnotherapy made giving up very easy. I had come away with a very clear mental NO! in response to all the excuses I would make to continue smoking. Forget nicotine patches and gum, this method really gets to the bottom of why I continued to smoke when I didn’t want to and gave me the tools to stop.

10/10 for effectiveness and paid for itself within a week.

Hypnotherapy Changed My Life.......

I've never had Hypnotherapy before and was somewhat sceptical but I have to say Jackie proved me wrong.

I was a very stressed lady but bit by bit after each session came out feeling relaxed, chilled and positively floating! Jackies treatment room is a peaceful relaxing haven, the warm bed, soft lights and Jackies soothing voice I could just succumb, relax and float away.

Thanks to Jackie, I'm also managing to fall asleep and have a decent night which is a huge step forward for me. Jackie has put me back on the right track, mentally, and I'm now able to approach life and it's problems with confidence and calm.

I would thoroughly recommend Jackie, she has been my saviour!


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