Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

Help with Chronic Pain

Can a Hypnotherapist Help Me with "Chronic Pain" Management?

Do you have a diagnosed health condition that causes you constant pain? Do you suffer with long term back pain? Is your daily life affected by pain due to fibromyalgia? Is your arthritic pain getting you down?

Hypnotherapy can help with all these conditions and more. If you are in acute pain you MUST go to your doctor to get a formal diagnosis of the cause and management of the pain. This is the brain’s way of letting you know there is a problem that needs to be dealt with. However, with chronic pain the cause will have already been diagnosed and therefore the pain message from the brain is ‘redundant’ as you know the source of the pain and what you can do to alleviate it.

Hypnotherapy alters the way you think about the pain message you are receiving and therefore reduces the intensity of the pain you feel. For people who are unfortunate enough to be dealing on a daily basis with constant pain this can change their lives.
In each session the focus is on reducing your stress and this in turn will begin to reduce the pain you are experiencing. It will also help to reduce any anxiety you feel about the nature of your condition which again will assist in reducing your pain and improving your day to day experience.

Many studies are able to evidence that how we think about our health and our ability to be positive about our expectations of our health improves our outcomes in the longer term, whether this is for cancer, osteoarthritis or any other life affecting condition. Hypnotherapy does not just help you to manage your pain, it helps you to manage your anxiety around your condition and also to improve your longer-term outcomes through encouraging a positive focus for your future.

If you live in Stockport or the surrounding area Panacea Hypnotherapy will work with you to manage both your pain and expectations of your condition. The average number of sessions is between 8-12 but this varies upon each client’s particular needs.
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