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Depression may be caused by a genetic predisposition.

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me with Stress, Depression and Anxiety?

Do you feel overwhelmed by day to day life? Do you struggle to motivate yourself to do basic tasks? Is it easier to be alone that with other people? Do sad thoughts intrude into your day? Do you feel worthless or unloved or that nobody understands you? Do you feel exhausted even when you have slept? Do you often feel unexplained aches and pains with no visible cause? These signs (amongst others) can be symptoms of depression.

Depression may arise due to a specific event such as a bereavement or a major life change or it may be part of an ongoing history of life issues, childhood trauma, or a genetic predisposition that increases your susceptibility to having an episode of depression.

Depression is no respecter of money, fame, ethnicity or social class in fact people who seem to have it all are not strangers to depression, Justin Beiber, Colin Farrell, J K Rowling, Eminem, Demi Lovato, Lady GAGA, Emma Thompson, the list goes on. What this demonstrates clearly is ANYONE can be its victim but what it also shows is that it does not mean you have to let it win!

It is not YOUR fault and you cannot just ‘snap out of it’, depression is not a case of the blues it is a debilitating condition that can have a huge impact upon your life and those of people around you.

It is ALWAYS recommended that you get a formal diagnosis from your GP if you think you may have depression, ignoring it will not make it go away. According to MIND the Mental Health Charity 1 in 4 of us will suffer with some kind of mental health condition so you are not alone.

Hypnotherapy helps to alleviate your depressed state through reducing your stress and increasing your overall wellbeing and positivity. This will increase your flow of serotonin, the ‘feel good chemical’ which helps to regulate things such as our mood, appetite and sleep as just a few of its functions, thus making you feel better overall.

ALWAYS consult with your GP prior to beginning hypnotherapy for depression so they are aware of your intention, particularly if you are taking any prescribed medication for it. Hypnotherapy does NOT mean you should stop taking your medication, any reduction or cessation of medication should ONLY ever be done in consultation with your GP.

Panacea Hypnotherapy has your health and wellbeing improvement at the heart of everything I do. If you live in Stockport or the surrounding area please get in touch if you have any further questions.


Are you feeling constantly on edge? Do you get irritated over the smallest things? Are you using food, alcohol or other substances to ‘get you through the day’? Do you find it difficult to relax? Is your brain constantly on the go? Do you wake up feeling exhausted or have difficulty getting to sleep?

All of the above are signs your stress levels are getting out of hand. A little bit of stress is a positive thing, it keeps us motivated enabling us to get things done, however too much stress is harmful to our mental health and wellbeing and if allowed to continue in the longer term it can lead to raised blood pressure, a lower immune system response, heart attacks and strokes.

Stress is generally brought on by external events that once they are over or dealt with the stress reduces, however anxiety is often a more longer-term condition that is more ‘generalised worrying’ and overthinking rather than being related to specific work pressures, money concerns etc.

Ultimately the body and the brain need rest and relaxation. Sleep at night has a restorative function, whilst your body is resting energy is diverted from functions such as walking and talking to repairing damaged cells, processing information and finishing digestion and perhaps most importantly cortisol (stress hormone) levels go down.

If you are unable to get a good night sleep you will likely feel groggy, your reactions time will be slower, you will find it hard to focus on tasks and remembering things. Being able to manage your stress is essential to your wellbeing. The Health and Safety Executive identified that stress and anxiety is now the number one reason why people are signed off work, a prescription may temporarily alleviate the symptoms but unless you get to the route cause they will have limited effect.

If you live in Stockport and the surrounding area Panacea Hypnotherapy can help you. Using a combination of stress reduction and goal setting over 8-12 sessions on average you will start to feel back in control of your life once more. Experiencing improved sleep, enhanced focus and problem solving and being able to relax once more.
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