Interview / Exam Stress and Anxiety

Stress from Exams and Interviews.

Can a Hypnotherapist Help Me with "Performance Stress" Anxiety in Exams and Interviews?

Often this kind of ’Performance stress’ has its roots in a previous experience in which we did not perform as well as we wanted to, and it's important to note this can be an accurate assessment of how we performed or an overly negative, critical one.

The memory of that event, (whether real or not) we go over in our minds, rethinking it, how we could have behaved differently, what we should and shouldn't have said, what we needed to remember and what we should have written etc. Eventually, from the brain's perspective instead of having just one single event that did not go as well as we would have liked it to, we now have a very ‘strong memory' stored in the brain of that event happening on a number of occasions and they ALL WENT BADLY!

As we now have so many memories (from the brain's perspective) of that situation going badly, it assesses that situation and any similar ones as a threat and instigates a stress/anxiety response within the body with each similar situation that occurs to encourage you to avoid them; hence the increased heart rate, palpitations, feeling faint, sick, mind going blank and all the other symptoms we can experience.

Fortunately, if you live in Stockport and the surrounding area Panacea Hypnotherapy could be the answer you have been looking for. I work with you to form a positive, motivated, dynamic outcome for you to work towards whilst at the same time removing the anxiety responses associated with previous events.

In between eight to twelve sessions on average you will be achieving the results you have been dreaming of and no longer sabotaging the successful future you deserve.
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Client Video Review

Client Written Reviews

I Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy.......

Excellent in depth explanation of what my mind was doing when I was trying to quit smoking, this and the hypnotherapy made giving up very easy. I had come away with a very clear mental NO! in response to all the excuses I would make to continue smoking. Forget nicotine patches and gum, this method really gets to the bottom of why I continued to smoke when I didn’t want to and gave me the tools to stop.

10/10 for effectiveness and paid for itself within a week.

Hypnotherapy Changed My Life.......

I've never had Hypnotherapy before and was somewhat sceptical but I have to say Jackie proved me wrong.

I was a very stressed lady but bit by bit after each session came out feeling relaxed, chilled and positively floating! Jackies treatment room is a peaceful relaxing haven, the warm bed, soft lights and Jackies soothing voice I could just succumb, relax and float away.

Thanks to Jackie, I'm also managing to fall asleep and have a decent night which is a huge step forward for me. Jackie has put me back on the right track, mentally, and I'm now able to approach life and it's problems with confidence and calm.

I would thoroughly recommend Jackie, she has been my saviour!


University Qualified
Chartered Management Institute
DBS Checks Performed
Trained Hypnotherapist in Stockport, Manchester
Institute of Leadership and Management
Fully Insured
NLP and Hypnotherapy
Solution Focused Hypnotist serving Stockport and the North West of England
Prince 2 APM Group
CNHC Qualified
Anxiety Facilitator Qualifications
Clinical Anxiety Hypnotherapy
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