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Jackie has been great. She goes into detail on how your brain works and why we act the way we do. Can’t recommend her highly enough

When I initially met Jackie I was a very different person, I was anxious and I had lost all confidence in myself, and blamed myself for things that were out of my control. Jackie's hypnotherapy and her discussions to explain the reason why I was feeling the way I was with ways to overcome this really made a huge difference to my life. I would highly recommend Jackie.

Jackie is highly competent hypnotherapist and I would highly recommend her

I took my daughter to see Jackie.. She is only 10 so I was unsure if she would be too young to benefit from hypnotherapy. Jackie was fabulous with her and the sessions really have helped my daughters phobia. I would definitely visit Jackie again.

Saw Jackie for weight control hypnotherapy. It worked well. I've used her relaxation link to aid sleep. That worked like a dream

I went for an initial consultation with Jackie at a very low point in my life when I was experiencing a severe episode of anxiety for the first time. I decided to give hypnotherapy a go after an excellent explanation of the process. I felt very comfortable with Jackie and her treatment room created a peaceful ambience. The whole experience was not easy for me and I faced a few personal challenges during the treatment. However I gradually began to change my mindset, and learnt how to use breathing to relax. The experience of each session combined with the tape I played every night as I went to bed helped to change my mindset and I finished the course relaxed, re- energised and with a renewed positivity. Many thanks to Jackie and I would highly recommend her.

Jackie is a true professional, I took my daughter to see Jackie. My daughter had low confidence and was struggling with believing in herself in every aspect. I saw a difference immediately after the first session and couldn't believe it. As the sessions progressed I saw a different person in my daughters outlook to life, she is happier and her confidence is high. Jackie tackles the issues that were troubling her. Thankyou Jackie I would highly recommend Jackie!x

Absolutely brilliant! I was in a terrible place not knowing of any way to get back to normal, but after abit of research and finding Jackie and attending few sessions, things are really starting to look up, I would highly recommend her to anybody

Hi I really enjoyed my time at Panacea, I was listened to and that helped me so much. It's very private and quiet which is fantastic I would recommend it to anyone

I went to see Jackie 6 weeks ago but wanted to leave some time before I did the review as my sessions were for stopping smoking. Jackie does two sessions, for smoking cessation. The first was to get some background on my smoking habits and to familiarise myself with the process etc then the second for the hypnotherapy. The two sessions are a great way to do this, plus Jackie gave me a file to listen to before I went back for the hypnotherapy. From the moment I met Jackie in her lovely therapy room I felt at ease. That's not to say that there weren't some uncomfortable times during the first week of stopping smoking but because of the hypnotherapy I was able to get through them and can happily say I'm a non smoker now and will never touch a cigarette again. I knew this as soon as I left my session with Jackie. I highly recommend Panacea and will be going back for my fear of flying

I was a compulsive nail biter and had been since my early years. All my life I had been dogged by my fingers in my mouth, sore bitten fingers and the worst looking hands you can imagine .... Hypnotherapy was a journey, like no other. Could I be convince to stop biting? Better still could I actually stop? You have to go into this with a completely open mind. In fact that is exactly what you need to do. You have to open your mind to Jacqui. Let her in, let her do her marvellous work. Being hypnotised is in itself an amazing experience and that alone is worth the money. But is the personal touches that make Panacea stand out from the crowd, the way Jacqui coaches you, pushes you on a path, moves you along. It has been two weeks since the sessions closed and my nails are looking perfect. Thank you Jacqui

Jackie's has a very clear scientific understanding of how our brains and behaviour function. Her knowledge has allowed me to understand certain patterns of thought and behaviour that were not useful to me. This knowledge combined with her excellently relaxing hypnosis, has allowed me to rewire these thought and behaviours in order to live a better life.

Jackie is an amazing hypnotherapist. Helped me so much ... well worth taking up!

I've seen Jackie to tackle issue around food and also anxiety. It was important for me to find someone who is suitably qualified and who has a relaxing space to offer sessions. Jackie is solutions -focused, empathetic, welcoming and is someone that I built a great rapport with from early on. Definitely recommend.

Jackie has been incredibly good at helping me regain my motivation to get through every day life as well as finding inspiration to follow a successful career path.
Wowie Zowie

Tried hypnotherapy for the first time with Jackie and can't believe how much she's helped in only a few months! Really happy with the value for money too

We as a family, can't recommend Panacea and in particular Jackie enough. Jackie listened to the issues of one of our close family members and began working with them over a period of around 6 sessions. The positive difference we observed within the first week, which has become seismic over the duration, is just a miracle. We have supported in the background, whilst Jackie worked her magic in changing our relatives' outlook on life around, its such a lovely thing to witness and hear them making plans for the future and all in such a short space of time. If anyone you know, or maybe even yourself are struggling with poor mental health/low self esteem, I would strongly urge to speak with Jackie at Panacea, it was a life changer for us ......literally. Thank you Jackie x

I had been experiencing some quite severe generalised anxiety over a period of time when I first went to see Jackie. 6 sessions later I feel like a different person. I can't thank her enough and I would highly recommend.

Jackie has been so great in helping me tackle some issues around food. She was able to see me at short notice before I moved away from Manchester. She really tailored the therapy every week and even though I only did 5 sessions, I feel like I made a lot of progress. The recording she provided also allowed me to "plug the gap" during the week. In our first meeting , she put me at ease and explained the process really well. As long as you go with an open mind and with a desire to change, Jackie can and will help you!

I was so sceptical about hypnotherapy, as I was a bit of a control freak and didn’t think that I was able to “let go” How wrong was I? The calming ambience in the therapy room, the gentle background music and warm therapy bench set the scene, and with Jackie’s calming voice, I found it very easy to lose myself and let myself float away. I have never experienced anything like it, many a time I felt so relaxed I didn’t want to “wakeup”. As a result of this fabulous treatment, I am a much calmer individual, sleep better, and although not quite stress free, I realise soon as I start getting worked up and nip it in the bud before it overwhelms me. As a bonus, it’s made me realise that I am me, a good person, to hold my head up high and enjoy my life being me. I would definitely recommend Hypnotherapy Panacea, it’s worked wonders for me.

I found hypnotherapy at Panacea very effective. It was a very positive experience and helped me to get a better night’s sleep and also with my fear of interviews. Thanks to Jackie I felt confident and prepared and I got the job! I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy as a way to relax and reprogram, negative experiences.

Just be open minded. Hypnotherapy has opened my mind to a lot of positivity which is what I needed to do. It's made me feel a lot happier and helped me deal with stress in a completely different way.

Excellent in-depth explanation of what my mind was doing when I was trying to quit smoking, this and the hypnotherapy made giving up very easy. I had come away with a very clear mental NO! in response to all the excuses I would make to continue smoking. Forget nicotine patches and gum, this method really gets to the bottom of why I continued to smoke when I didn't want to and gave me the tools to stop. 10/10 for effectiveness and paid for itself within a week.
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