Hypnosis and Improving Sport Performance

Examining how hypnotherapy may improve athletic performance.

Can Hypnosis Help To Improve My Performance in Sport?

Do you have sporting goals you would like to achieve? Is your golf handicap not up to scratch? Have your running times peaked too soon? Are your shooting skills way off target? Have you fallen out of love with your tennis technique?

Like most goals we have in life, it is ourselves who set them and it is how we think about them that determines if we achieve them or not. When I did my NLP training many years ago I was fortunate enough to be trained by a very successful sports psychologist called Ken Way, who has worked with many large organisations and sporting clubs around enhancing performance and improving outcomes.

One thing that Ken said that resonated with me at the time and I incorporate within my hypnotherapy practice is that of working ‘beyond your goals’. To improve your performance to any significant degree you must be working towards your next goal, then your next, then your next.

Once we settle on having ‘achieved’ something, there is not the same drive to keep the momentum going forward. Thinking about our next goal whilst working on our current one will give us that increased ability to achieve our current target.

Our subconscious mind is always trying to help us behind the scenes to bring about what we devote our time and energy to. If we are thinking about our next big race, how many reps we can press, how many goals we can score, it will work with us to those parameters; however, if we think about the match after that, the race after that, we are telling our subconscious very clearly, we intend to smash our existing target and work beyond it.

If you live in Stockport and the surrounding area solution focused hypnotherapy will help you get to where you want to be. At Panacea Hypnotherapy I will work with you to remove any negative stress and tension that will inhibit your performance and get you focused mentally on not just achieving your current goals but surpassing them.

Together we will focus your mind for sporting success and removing doubts and fears. The sporting greats such as Muhammed Ali, Usain Bolt, Pele, Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, Shane Warne etc were successful because of strong self-belief, failure was not an option, having an unshakeable belief in your ability and your desired goal will enable you to achieve it.

Do you want to be ok or do you want more? If you want to be the best you can be then let me help you get there.
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