Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Cigarettes are bad for your health - hypnotherapist in Stockport can Help you stop smoking

Can Hypnosis Help Me Stop Smoking?

Do you hate the smell of stale smoke on your clothing? Does your breath smell like an ashtray? Are you constantly sucking mints to unsuccessfully ‘hide’ the smell of smoke? Does what you spend on cigarettes added up equate to a new car, a holiday, a mortgage?

Do you find yourself regularly short of breath, having recurrent infections or a hacking morning cough? Are your teeth and fingers yellow from nicotine? Do people avoid being next to you because of the smell? Are there lighters and ashtrays all over the house?

Do you regularly have to redecorate to mask the staining from the smoke or do you often stand outside in the freezing cold to avoid this?

Is there a history of heart disease or cancer in the family and yet you think it will not happen to you?

Many smokers say smoking relaxes them but this is rubbish, there is not one of the 4000 chemicals in tobacco which is a relaxant or reduces stress in any way. The chemicals that are there are stimulants and therefore will make you more stressed not less!

Smoking is a habit formed when the brain mistakenly believes that the effect of smoking on the body alleviates a stress response, the ironic thing is that it is the smoking that is causing the stress response in the first place!

Smokers mistakenly believe that smoking is addictive, however scientists tell us that 90% of the smoking habit is actually psychological and only 10% is due to the addictive elements of tobacco, which explains why people can go on long haul flights and manage to curb their impulse to have a cigarette or why they can sleep all night and not need to get up to have a cigarette.

According to ASH In 2017, a 20-a-day smoker of a premium cigarette brand will spend about £3,600 a year on cigarettes but the costs to health are much higher. A 50-year study showed that half to two thirds of all lifelong cigarette smokers will be eventually killed by their habit. Death usually being due to one of the three major diseases caused by smoking; lung cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease and coronary heart disease

If you are finally ready to give up this expensive habit that is slowly killing you then solution focused hypnotherapy can definitely help you quit.

If you live in Stockport and the surrounding area at Panacea Hypnotherapy you can become a non-smoker in just one session. No longer will you feel the need to smoke.

So if you are serious and determined to never light up again, if you want all the positive benefits that being a non-smoker delivers; improved health, more energy, the return of your sense of smell and taste and more money in your pocket, then give me a call you will be glad you did.
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